The Tarot is a beautiful way of giving you insight and clarification into any aspect of your life.  If you found yourself here, I believe there is a reason for us to cross paths on our journey’s. With a specific question or area of concern in your life, the cards will give clarity to what has been happening, and what you need to focus on to have the best possible outcome. I am a natural empath and intuitive and I use the Tarot and oracle to connect to my Guides to bring in messages that we need for healing, shifting, changing.

I believe we are meant to do this together and I would be delighted to spend time reading cards for you.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime.  At this time, all tarot and oracle readings are booked via Etsy.  If you dont see a particular listing for a reading you need, send me a message and we can create a custom reading just for you.  Blessed Be.  ——> BOOK MY SESSION