Our First Day of Homeschool 2019

September 6, 2019

We had our first day of homeschool for the year this week! I always say that I am going to school year round, but this summer my big kids were gone for about 21 days so we didnt fall back into our groove again until September. Since Monday was a holiday, Tuesday is Wild Roots Nature School, Wednesday was co-op, that left Thursday for our first day of hitting the books at home.

(PS- whoever said homeschoolers were unsocialized seriously has no idea how things work. Im like the homeschool Uber for my kids now. Their social lives are WAY better than mine when I was their age).

Being 4 + homeschooled means you can go to the creek for science class in your underwear.

Our day started off pretty smoothly – since my big kids are now in 6th and 4th grade they kind of knew just what to do and everything fell right into place like summer never even came by! I was pretty amazed by this as I thought the kids would atleast make most of this difficult for part of the morning. Maybe its because they are older? I dont know. The only one to give me trouble was BEAR, but that isnt a surprise to any of you LOL

We started using the notebook method this year – I found out about this magical, life chaging (okay – its only been one day, but…) method of planning. You can read about it HERE on the Read A loud Revival blog. My kids both came up to me later in the morning and said that they really loved it and they hope that I always keep their notebooks updated. It made my morning so easy….almost too easy! I text a friend later in the afternoon and said, “we were done at 10:30 – I feel like I didnt do that right.” But the truth is when you homeschool, you arent stuck in a class room until a bell rings.

Bear loves his field guide!

He found the lady bug page he was looking for after catching 2 of them on the tree! Upside down, naturally 🙂

I started my morning at 5am – this is my magic time for coffee in peace. It is worth every second of forcing myself to roll out of bed. The little kids were up around 6:30 and played with toys and ate 1st breakfast (homeschoolers are all secretly hobbits). They loved the morning basket I set up for them and we read 5 different books together before the big kids got up to start their day. They got their notebooks and went to check things off at their own leisure. Maddox started his day reading alone – he is into folklore and scary stories so we is reading a book I picked up at the thrift store about creatures that lurk in the woods across America. Marleigh wanted to start her day with math so she jumped right into her Teaching Textbooks lessons. They worked through their checklists pretty seamlessly and was ready for our group work for the day by 9:45! We start our morning by reading one page from 365 Days of Wonder: Mr. Browne’s Precepts and then jump into our read-a-loud, One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams Garcia. The bigs either draw in their doodle journals or work on copywork while I read.

Firepits make great desks 😉

We are doing interest led history this year – a minor detox from Story of the World the past 2 years! It was great, but kind of boring and my kids do not remember a thing I read LOL So we are just rolling with a natural appraoch to history by what they are into. They chose Titanic to start with and we are simply using What Was the Titanic and will then read I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912.

“Can I live here, mom?”

After history and since the kids and finished up so quickly, we took a break for the day. I got caught up on some soap making and house chores while they played and did their own things for a bit. In the afternoon we loaded up in the car and drove a few minutes down the road to the creek with our nature journals for science. Nature journaling on the go with toddlers was harder than I had expected – silly me – OF COURSE THEY WANT THEIR OWN BOOKS. So I will order them their own journals for next time. I thought they would want to play, but nope – they were totally into wanting to nature journal too!

They were bickering in real life – dont let this fool you.

Today is friday so that means FREEWRITE (yay!) and then we are going to hit up the park with friends for some play time and creek exploring!

Birdie working on her stacking skills. Preschool can happen anywhere!
The look of determination!

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