New Years Day Hike (and all of my optimism for 2017)

January 3, 2017

This new year has left me feeling optimistic with change.  I have so much self work I want to explore this year and I hope to grow as mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister.  I sat down and wrote out my intentions and it felt good to see them all down on paper….I am positive with patience, grace, and a whole lot of self love I can grow into the woman I know I am suppose to be.

On New Year day we took a family hike.  Hiking is one of my most favorite past times and something I have loved doing for as long as I can remember….I just havent been able to do it as much as I wanted with Bear and being huge and pregnant with baby 4.  Needless to say I was STOKED when we all got to go together (and I had other hands to wrangle a wild toddler).  Connecting deeper with my family and with our Earth Mother is one of my top intentions so this start to the year felt incredibly special.

My next goal is to get better at picking up my camera more and my phone less.  I fail every time I start a 365.  I get too caught up in trying to find the “perfect” moment and burn myself out and this year I know that there isnt always going to be such thing!  Somedays will be good shooting days and others not so good.  But its up to me to keep going even through the shitty days.  This year is a huge year for my family and I am holding myself accountable to document it as much as I can.

Growing this last baby has been full of emotions…and not so many emotions because Im so busy with the other kids I sometimes forget theres a baby coming in just a short 3 months.  Sometimes I have guilt about feeling that way, but at this point in my life Im just happy that she is healthy and growing like she should be and that we are going to get to add one more awesome human to our family tribe this year.

Patience and gratitude are my two words for this year.  In the past I get so caught up with being busy that Im not nearly as grateful as much as I should be and my patience….well thats another story.  I am trying to start my days with meditations…even if its just a moment in the shower or a peaceful moment in the car.  There is no such thing as the perfect place when you have 3.5 kids that is always with you so fully taking advantage of these small moments to come back to center and to feel grounded has got to become priority.  I hope to grow my spiritual practice more when I can and give myself patience and grace on days that I cant.  Taking it all in stride, day by day.  Some days Ill have time to read Tarot and burn incense in the mornings, some days I wont.  Some days Ill get to practice yoga for 30 minutes and some days it may be 2.  But giving myself grace through the good and bad days can always be done.

I want to SIMPLIFY all things this year.  I have bad anxiety attacks through the day which usually results back to lack of patience and moments of weakness at home with the kids and it is usually triggered by

1.  Too much stuff

2. Too many chores and responsibilites leaving me flustered and overwhelmed

3.  Too much stuff

We started purging bags among bags of “stuff” in our home and it FEELS SO GOOD.

Each time I load one up in my car and see less stuff in my house I feel calmness and happiness which I know will help my anxiety.  Im taking it slow…one space or room at a time, but each day is progress.

I want to become a more centered, grounded and happier mom and wife.  I let so many of the little things build up in my mind which results in my family getting the not so best side of me all of the time.  I hope by shifting everything mentioned above this part will follow naturally.  If I cant take care of myself, I cant take care of anyone else.  I want to make more time to nurture the side of myself that is often neglected.  My spiritual self, my creative self, my introvert self and my self that craves close friendships.  I hope to be a better friend to all of my sisters I have met on this journey.  I hope to carve time for better and deeper connections with these powerful and strong women.

And with that I say bring it on 2017.  I am READY for all the good things you have in store!


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