Meet us.

April 27, 2016

I am so excited to have this new little space to share our projects, recipes, homeschooling adventures and such.  Spring is here and things around our little homestead are getting into full swing.  Its my favorite time of year and I have lots to share, but first I wanted to introduce the people and faces that make this dream go round.

Papa –  Hunter. Fisher. Builder of things. Mountain man.  Beard grower. Brings home the bacon (figuratively and literally).


Mama – Grower of things.   Medicine maker.  Chicken lady.  Goat wrangler.  Soap crafter.  Homeschooler.



Marleigh – First born.   Bike riding acrobat. Kombucha lover. Knitter.  Dreamer of dreadlocks.


Maddox- Wild child. Car lover. Duck catcher. Innovator. Haircut hater.  Tree climber. Giver of heart attacks to his mother.MMABLOG-ABOUTUS-1-3


Bear – The baby. Boobie milk lover. Cloth diaper wearer.  Boobie milk lover.  In to all the things.  Boobie milk lover.  Sink bather.  Boobie milk lover.


June – Snuggler.  Taker of 100 naps a day (atleast).  Car ride lover.  Treat sneaker.  Cat food eater.  Bed hogger.

I have lots of ideas brewing in my head from Stinging Nettle Chicken Dumplings to how to cure pink eye with a weed you most likely have out your front door.  And of course this new site comes with a new online shop where I will be stocking it full of cold processed soaps, goat milk lotion, seasonal goodies, homegrown tea blends and more!  Welcome!

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