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September 6, 2017

It’s been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and update this blog.  My intentions for it were SO strong when I started it, but with 4 kids the blogging goals kind of got pushed aside.  Its been on my mind a lot lately and Im excited to get back into the habit of blogging our days.  Even if no one ever reads it!  Blogging is therapeutical…a chance to jot down my thoughts and share my photos and to let my mama brain just gush it all out.

So, I thought I would start with what life has been looking like lately!

We started back up with our homeschool routine after a lovely summer break.  Marleigh is in 4th grade and Maddox is in 2nd!  We are following a secular version of the Charlotte Mason philosophy and we are all loving it so much!  We loved Waldorf, but I was struggling with teaching it correctly with more than one child.  So far, the transition has been beautiful and we are all thriving with CM.   Obviously, Bear wont be starting any kind of schooling for a while, but I came to the decision to hold him back until Birdie starts school so they can just go through the grades together.

Did you know a praying mantis can hold a colored pencil??  The more you know I guess 😉 

Maddox has lost all of his front teeth….which is just the cutest thing EVER.  He loves Minecraft…not that it isnt obvious or anything 😉

Speaking of which, Birdie is now 5 months old!!  I cant believe how fast it is going by.  She can roll, reach out and grab things, and she loves to laugh.  I let her taste some of my food and she loved bananas, sweet potatoes and pears.  She was not a fan of apple sauce…surprisingly!  We are going to start baby led weaning sometime in the next 2 months.

I started sewing again which has been a nice distraction from things I need to be doing…Im thinking of making a few extra items as I work on projects for my kids and posting them on Etsy.  Hmmmm…still thinking!  Goddess knows there just isnt enough hours in the day for busy mamas with big ideas!

We just butchered our 2nd hog here on our little homestead last weekend.  A freezer full of pork, our own chickens (which I can finally process all on my own…thanks hubby), and soon to be followed by deer means we will be set until NEXT YEAR!   Such a relief to know we have FOOOOODDDD!  I have also been canning like crazy.  It’s funny to think that I told myself this would be the year I wouldnt can at all…because well, 2 babies take up a lot of my time, but I have canned more than ever this year.   I have also been baking and freezing zucchini breads and muffins like a mad woman.  Our freezers and pantry is stocked.  I even had to resort to storing canned tomatoes on top of my cabinets.  And theres still more than needs picked!  What an awesome homesteading year!  Maybe we will get bees soon?  They have been on our list for the past couple of years, but then we end up with a baby instead LOL One day!

BEAR TURNED 2!  He is full of energy and 2 year old spunk!


Book:  You are a Badass by Jen Sincero —- MUST READ.

Recipes:  Creamy chicken soup….We made this soup last night with a side of corn bread.  It was perfect!  Here is the LINK.

Podcast: The Homeschool Sisters Its real and something every homeschool mama can relate to.  I love it!

Homeschool Curriculum: Bravewriter My kids…even the reluctant writer (looking at you Maddox) has really been enjoying our Bravewriter projects.  We are working through her Jot it Down program now.

Coffee:  I put it on subscribe and save since canceling my Costco membership (whomp, whomp) 

Thing:  Walmart grocery pick up.  Im not a fan of Walmart, but not having to go inside somewhere to get pantry staples with 4 kids is a WINNER.  TAKE MY MONEY!

Etsy shop:  RJ Clay.  I have my eyes on her ceramic kids cups for Christmas gifts!  $10!  Such a great deal.  And it would add a perfect sentiment to our poetry tea times.

Website:  I am struggling with keeping a clean home with 4 kids.  And the downfall of that is that messes trigger my anxiety.  So some days it feels like Im constantly battling this.  Flylady sends out tasks each week with “zones” for you to focus on and clean for just 15 minutes a day.  It has really been helpful!  I actually get excited about my task for the day…because Im weird like that.

App:  Down Dog Yoga  I seriously love this app!  Even when I feel like I dont have “time” for yoga I can always squeeze out a 15 minute class from this app.  Its free and so easy to use.  Highly recommend!

Random Favorite Photos:

(I obviously like to photograph Bear sleeping LOL)


Thats it for now.  I hope to get back in the swing of blogging now that I bit the bullet and got this first “Hi there, Im still alive” post done.  See you soon!







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