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February 12, 2018

Hello all!  Its been a while since Ive been in this space creating a decent blog post.  Life feels like it is going a million miles a minute sometimes and it has been hard to balance everything.  I just wanted to share a quick update for family and friends on the kids and life!

Later this week our kitchen cabinets are coming down and we are finally going with open shelves!  I cant wait to see the kind of space this gives us to work with during harvest season.  I am planning on canning a ton as usual and always run out of proper storage space so this will really be such a treat!

My mind is constantly focused on gardening right now.  My house is filling up with seed starts getting ready to make their way into the green house here shortly.  Im really looking forward to growing more flowers and herbs this year!  Speaking of herbs, Im thinking of taking my soap shop in a new direction and going scent free.  A lot of my customers are those with sensitive skin and more and more people want scent free products.  The amount of essential oils I have to add to each batch is kind of expensive so Im really considering taking this step and focusing more on the skin healing properties various herbs and plant material that I can add to the oils and butters to instead.  It will be a big change, but Im really feeling like its a smart move in my heart.

PS…a little plug…if you are buying soaps or products that seem “natural” but are using fragrance oils, know that fragrance oils can have over thousands, yes THOUSANDS of CHEMICALS  just to make one scent.  YIKES!

We recently switched the kids bedrooms around….the boys now share a room and have an awesome set of bunks and the girls are on the other end of the hall way in their own space.

Bear is 2 and is  HANDFUL.  I honestly have 0 words for the trouble he gets into.  I feel like we are in for a long and fun ride through these years of raising him!  If anything is for sure, it is that he lives up to his name.  He is starting to form sentences now and it is just adorable watching him pick up things to say or do after his siblings.  He is totally potty trained!  No diapers at all when we leave the house or at bed time.  He isnt shy about it either.  If he says, “potty” we best find him one because while at the dentist the other week homeboy was stripping down in the waiting room!  LOL LOL LOL Close one!

Marleigh is about to turn TEN.  A whole decade.  Wow.  I cant really believe it!  She is such an awesome kids.  She loves gardening, nature, art, reading, American Girl dolls….man.  She is just pretty much a mini version of myself LOL  She is currently reading Anne of Green Gables and her birthday wish is a gift card to Target or her first tablet.  I dont like the kids having their own devices so they currently do not have any sort of screen, but we are thinking of getting her a Amazon Fire table since she will be turning 10.  Its a pretty big mile stone and deserves something special.  Decisions, decisions!

Maddox is the tech kid.  He loves all things Minecraft and Im learning how to sit back and let him do his thing even though I hate video games.  He is 7 now and is such a fun kid to hang out with.  He is a bit on the quiet side sometimes and can be pretty shy, but will also tell you he loves you 10 million times a day and if you  are down he will not stop asking you questions until you say you are happy LOL He has such a good heart.  His new saying is, “I cant make decisions.  Im a Libra.”  Oh dear!

Birdie is TEN months old – turing 11 months old here in a couple of weeks.  She will be walking by her first birthday for sure.  Just yesterday she kept pulling up and letting go.  It is a matter of time before she takes off and joins Bear with his crazy antics.  She is such a cuddly baby.  Always laying on your chest and snuggling.  She seems so sweet natured (but we all know that can change come year 2 LOL).  She learned to clap her hands this past week and gets so excited when you start clapping with her.  She says “ma ma,” “da da,” and “oh uh.”  And LOVES to eat!  Fruit is her favorite.


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