Going Green + The Mighty Fix

July 6, 2016

Going green and making less and less of a carbon foot print is something we have been working on improving in our family for years.  This is a change that cant happen over night because

1.  that sounds too stressful

2. it can get pricey investing in a less is more and quality over quantity mindset.

I love the changes we have made so far…cloth diapers, biodegradable tooth brushes (what you dont google those at night time when you should be sleeping too?), reusable shopping bags, cutting out as much plastic as possible, and the list goes on.

A few months ago I was browsing Facebook and something popped into my feed about The Mighty Fix and super cheap Lifefactory water bottles…I was all ears!  Glass water bottles was just one of the many small changes I have had on my “to do” list.  After a little research I was sold on signing up for The Mighty Fix!

It is just $10 per month and for this you get a surprise of some kind of high quality item sent to your mailbox that will replace some kind of plastic in your household.  So far I have received items that are valued over $10!  It is an awesome deal!  I have scored wool dryer balls, a whole set of organic cotton kitchen rags, a set of 3 Bee’s Wraps in assorted sizes, and more!  PLUS there are extra savings on products that are only available for Mighty Fix members and if that isn’t good enough they will also ship it free with your Mighty Fix monthly product!

And about those glass water bottles…..for only $5 you can get an exclusive Lifefactory Water bottle as your first month with promo code BOTTLEFIX2016 when you sign up!

Interested in making some fun changes and getting a surprise in your mailbox each month?  Sign up here!


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