Germ Farm Experiment

October 12, 2019

A couple of years ago we created our first Germ Farm Experiment at home. We swabbed the most commonly touched places around our home to see what is actually lucking on these surfaces. We were equally amazed and grossed out to say the least! I remember Bear was crawling at the time and his hands had the most germ colonies and our dogs mouth had the least! Now that the kids are older we set out to swab public spaces. They each had 5 petri dishes each and made a list of where they thought the most germs were lurking. Of course we also had to swab the latches in the girls and boys bathrooms to see which was the worst!

First up, Maddox wanted to swab the Nintendo Swtich display at Target. He is a gamer through and through (no matter how much lovely Waldorf homeschooling I shoved into his head as a little kid – its just who he is LOL)! I was amazed at the various colors of germs this one had.

Next up, Marleigh swabbed the handle of the Target shopping cart. All I could think about is all of those times each of my kids have rode around the store licking these things. Maybe this is why they have really amazing immune systems?! Ha! I think the lighter colored ones that resemble snowflakes are pretty cool.

We of course had to swab the bath room latches at Target too.

Before leaving Target, we had to make a Starbucks run of course.

We then hit up the park – the slide wasnt too bad…

But then, we swabbed the trash can – the kind you have to push the flap in to put your trash inside…

And then the chains on the swings…it has the most lumpy, bumpy, and SMELLY germ colonies of all…


We grabbed lunch at Chic-fil-a on the way home and Marleigh decided to swab the handle of the door at the entrance….not too shabby considering how many people touch it on a daily basis. But then again, in is Chic-fil-a – always perfection!

This is really one of our favorite experiments! I already want to order some more dishes to swab the things we didnt get to this time…like the gas pump! You can find your own petri dishes on Amazon – these kits really are amazing and come with everything you need to complete the project! You can find them HERE.

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