Blackwater Falls Camping Trip + Bear Toast

June 20, 2016

This past weekend we took a little family getaway to Blackwater Falls.  It was just a one night camping trip, but it was seriously so fun!  We really didn’t want to come home.  We become slaves to the garden, farm, and life in general it was almost like we forgot how to have fun and just DO NOTHING for a bit.  Not to mention having ZERO cell service and totally unplugging was the best part!

We love camping, but I didnt always love trying to pack healthy and easy foods for camping.  Especially ones that are kid friendly!  So in an effort to truly simplify our trips and food prep this toast is a must on our camping trips.  It is quick, easy and fun for kids to make themselves!

Bear Toast:

Toast a slice of bread, smother it with a nut butter of your choice, a drizzle of honey and top it off with whatever your heart desires!  We used blueberries and bee pollen on this trip.  Bananas are also a hit!

So easy right?!


Heres some more favorite photos of our trip…


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    1. Love all the photos! So many great memories you made in just 2 days! We are headed on a one night camp trip too, well because farm life and gardens and chickens and dogs that need our attention. I think we will try some bear toast!

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