December 16, 2016

The third Light of Advent, It is the light of beasts:
The Light of faith that we may see In greatest and in least.



We made popcorn and cranberry strings for the animals outside and we made orange and cranberry window strings to help us remember the animals outside during the winter.

We discussed how many animals hibernate and instead of hibernating for us, winter forces us to slow down  and come into our thoughts and meditations.

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When the geese are flying south
And the sky is grey, my dears,
Close your eyes, and lift your nose;
Listen with your careful ears.

Feel the winter coming on,
Hear it in the crackling trees;
Note the crisping, quivering wind
Sharply snapping at their leaves.

Feel it on the windowpanes –
Chilly glass on fingertips –
Mark the biting of the air,
Heated breath on numbing lips.

See it in the early eves,
In the glowing sunset where
Shadows of the naked trees
Rattle in the biting air.

Watch the nuthatch and the wren;
They know it is time once more
To abandon careful nests,
As they’ve done each year before.

Let it rest upon your face,
Let it reach and pull you in.
See how pretty nature is
When she ushers winter in.

~ Barbara Vance

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