Mountain Mama Homestead is a small  homegrown shop in the rolling Mountains of West Virginia.  We create beautiful  handcrafted soaps and herbal medicine in small batches.  Everything is thoughtfully made with love and care starting with our holistically  raised dairy goats for our milk based soaps, or the trek up North Mountain to collect fresh spring water for our vegan friendly options.  We grow the majority of our own herbs by hand. In the spring and summer you can find us outdoors  starting seeds, weeding, and pouring every bit of our energy into our plants.  It is a love affair that happens during those warm months and is truly our happy place.  If we are not growing them then we are practicing sustainable wild crafting to harvest them in the beautiful  Blue Ridge mountains.  The mountains here are just as medicinal as the plants it seems.  The mountains are our happy place and we wake up each morning wanting to pinch ourselves as we get to call this place home. All of our oils, butters, beeswax, etc, are all organic, non gmo, and fair trade.   Energetic medicine is also important to our craft and our final product is a alchemy between the plant and energetic world.  We believe in the power of the plants.  They are the original healers for the body, spirit and mind.

A long time dream of ours is to live off the land.  We found our little cabin and acreage a few years ago with just a dream in mind and now we are making that self sustainable idea something realistic.  We are always learning, failing, creating and succeeding with each season and it is a pleasure to share it with you!  Each purchase helps us get a little closer to our dreams.  Even if you are just here to follow our adventures we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following our story!