A Letter to my Daughters

October 4, 2017


To my daughters,

Growing up in this big world can seem a bit scary.  There’s a lot of evil out there, but theres also a lot of light.  Where there are bad people, theres also a whole lot of good.  Look for the helpers and if you can, be one.  What goes around comes around so keep your slate clean.  Love BIG and deep.  Dont be afraid to love too hard or too much.  There is no such thing my dear.  You will have your heart broken more than once.  That aching, sicktoyourstomach feeling will help you grow.  You will become stronger.

 Be brave.  Even when it feels hard.  Know that is when you need to step up the most.

Always be honest.   Never quiet your voice to make someone else feel comfortable.  Color outside of the lines and make messes.  Screw things up and put it back together again.

 It is from all of these life experiences where we grow.

Sow your roots deep, but dont be afraid to wander.

Yours roots are strong and stretch wide so  travel and see the world.

 Meet new people and eat strange foods.  Dance and sing in new cultures.

And when you are ready, know theres always a safe place here for you.  No matter what.  No matter who you grow up to be.  Ill be here.

Take risks.  Keep your eyes, heart and mind W I D E  open.  When people try to help you, let them.

When you feel down or bad always remember that when you were both born on those chilly March mornings, the Earth laughed in flowers.

You are that amazing girls – never forget it.

And on days when you don’t feel like you measure up – keep going.  Take all of that heartache and make something magical.

It is from these moments where we grow into who we are suppose to be.  And when it feels really scary know theres always a spot at home for you.

We will sip tea and laugh and cry and you can tell me about it all without judgement.

You are part of a great big Universe that will support you with love + wisdom.

 Inside of you  is an awesome power. It’s an energy you can’t see, but you can feel it. It’s  your soul, and you must stay connected to it because it is the core of who you truly are.

You are more than just your body + personality.

Your soul is the wisest, most secure part of you. It will always guide you in the right direction.  Listen to it deeply.

Remember, you are powerful.

 You are strong.


For when we first laid our eyes on you our hearts were forever changed.  We will love you unconditionally, always.


You may not believe in magic
But don’t you think it’s strange
The amount of matter in our universe
Has never slightly changed.

That all which makes your body
Was once part of something more
And every breath you ever breathe
Has seen it all before.

There are countless scores of beauty
In all the things that you despise
It could once have been a shooting star
That now makes up your thighs.

And atoms of forgotten life
Who’ve long since ceased to roam
May now have the great honour
To call your crooked smile their home.

You may not believe in magic
But I thought that you should know
The makings of your heart were born
Fourteen billion years ago.

So the next time you feel lonely
When this world makes you feel small
Just remember that it’s part of you
And you’re part of it all.

— e.h.

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