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What our summer days look like

I cant believe summer is half way over. We have been taking it easy this year since we did 2 huge vacations last summer. I have been missing our annual beach trip, but its been really nice staying home. The kids have been dancing to the beat of their own drums and its been a really beautiful experience to witness. Showers consist of getting sprayed with the hose, afternoons are full of 4 wheeler rides around the mountain, evenings are filled with lighting bug chasing, my house smells of zucchini bread baking, and everyday has been full of surprises when we check on our garden. We have had a few garden hiccups…like goats eating all of our strawberry plants and broccoli leaves…but overall we cannot complain of our daily abundance.

Please make your way around our little circle and visit the crazy talented Summer Murdock to see what she has in store for you this month.

July 22, 2014 - 3:17 pm

Danielle - Gorgeous gorgeous images as always! love how full of life and joy each and every image evokes. I spy my tea towel! So glad you are using it! They are going to cherish each and every one of these images for years to come.

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The Hutcherson Family

I am always honored when I get to photograph another photographer. Meet Casey from Casey Blake Photography and her adorable fam! They drove to our little town for a little weekend getaway and so I could document some bits and pieces of their afternoon on our land. Anytime I get to photograph another photographer I find myself focusing on her and her connection with her family. As most of us know, not only as moms and especially photographers, we are always behind the scenes. It brings me incredible joy to document the proof that these mothers are present in their children’s childhood. I love all of it. From the cuddles to the smiles or even just the way a 4 year old hands rest on his mother’s knee. From nursing to watching them grow independence and explore and even to the way she looks at her husband. I want to celebrate mothers everywhere. No matter if its in their home or just on a blanket enjoying each others company. Its all important. Its all worth documenting.   “It occurred to me as it sometimes does, that this day is over and will never be lived again, that we are only the sum of days and when those days are spent, we will not come back to this place, to this time, to these people and these colors and I wonder to be sad or happy, to trust that these moments were meant for some kind of enjoyment, as a kind of blessing. And it feels, tonight, as if there is much to think about, there is much we have been given, and much we leave behind. The smell of freedom is as brisk as as the air through the windows. And there is a feeling that time itself has been curtained by darkness.” -Donald Miller 

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July 10 on 10

Thanks for stopping by after visiting the talented Kristin Hallak’s page!

I cant believe its time for another 10 on 10. Months keep flying by faster than the weeds growing in my garden. Summer has been beautiful on the mountain. Everything is blooming, I am swimming in zucchinis from my garden, bedtime routines are all out of whack because the sun is just going to sleep at 9pm, our sunflowers are over 5ft tall, the windows stay open, the lightening bugs give us our own light show each night and our home has been filled with visitors. Its been lovely. The 4th was especially fantastic. We had my inlaws stop in for the weekend. The 4th is a big holiday in my family. Its the only holiday I decorate for other than Christmas, its the only holiday we have family in for other than Thanksgiving and it is the only holiday where we spend 3 days drinking sangria and wine, but that is for another story.



Now make sure to continue through our rad circle of talent and visit one of my favorite photogs, Alana Rasbach.

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The Reid Family

Recently, Barbara from Butterfly Wings Photography, drove up for a 1:1 mentorship and we got to visit this awesome family for the afternoon. She is working on revamping her business and I am so excited to watch her photography and business grow and flourish over the time to come! You can find Barbara’s work HERE.

We spent the afternoon with this awesome family while they did their summer afternoon routine.  Summer brings on a sense of beautiful, chaos in the afternoons for kiddos.  Its a time of wonder and a sense of family time.  Its when some of the best memories are made and I am honored to have had the opportunity to bottle up some of that for these guys.

And a huge thank you to the Reid family for opening up your home to us. We had a great time capturing these moments for you guys! Nichole is a photographer in Winchester, VA and you can find her work HERE.

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169/365- The carnival

170/365- Truck rides down dirt roads to get to the creek. >
171/365- Summer time bath.
172/365- A walk after a summer storm.
173/365- 1st strawberry from the garden.
174/365- Milk bubbles.
175/365- Her garden loot.
176/365- Trailer ride just for fun.
177/365- Family in town means you get to stay up late with your uncle. Music, dancing, hammock swinging, and good cocktails for the grown ups. This was a good summer night.

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